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With cyber threats more prevalent, organizations are ramping up their security and threat intelligence programs. With ThreatConnect you can empower your security team with a threat intelligence platform that includes orchestration and automation that enable your team to speed through repetitive tasks and gain visibility into the threats attacking your organization. Whether you're easing your way into a cyber security practice, or well-versed in everything that will strengthen your organization, ThreatConnect has the resources to help you take the next step.

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Webcast: Building and Managing the Next-Generation Security Operations Center (SOC)

by ThreatConnectJun 10, 2020

No matter what your industry or what your organization’s size, there is a growing need to monitor your systems for potential threats – and have the capacity to respond quickly in the event of a compromise. To build out this capacity, many enterprises are building or expanding their security operations centers (SOCs) to improve their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. In this webinar, experts offer insight and recommendations on how to build a next-generation SOC, and what tools and skills you may need to outfit that SOC to respond to today’s most current threats and online exploits.

Webcast: How to Effectively Analyze Security Data

by ThreatConnectApr 22, 2020

If your security team is like most cyber teams in large enterprises, you're probably swimming in security incident data, alerts, and log files. How can you aggregate that data and analyze it quickly, to identify sophisticated or obfuscated attacks? In this webinar, experts discuss ways to effectively collect and analyze large amounts of security data, and find the threat info you need to defend your enterprise. Speakers will also offer recommendations on how to automate some of that data analysis, so that you can identify threats more easily, and stop attackers more quickly.

Webcast: Shaking Off Security Alert Fatigue: Tips for Taking Control

by ThreatConnectMar 18, 2020

Adding new security tools to your SOC toolset may help alert you to the newest cyber threats to your business. However, when a zillion unprioritized alerts hit you in a day, you might start treating them like whack-a-mole or the snooze button on your alarm clock. How can you manage security alerts so they are most meaningful to your business, and act on them in an appropriate, timely manner? 

Webcast: Getting the Most from Threat Intelligence

by ThreatConnectJan 23, 2020

To get the most out of your relationships with information sharing groups (ISACs) and your threat intelligence feeds, you must understand how, why, and when other organizations' cyber attacks relate to your own organization.

In this webinar, learn how to take a fresh look at external threat intelligence and ensure you have an up-to-date view of attackers’ means, motives and opportunity.

Whitepaper: Building a Threat Intelligence Program: Research Findings on Best Practices and Impact

by ThreatConnectSep 13, 2019

We surveyed over 350 cybersecurity decision makers about their services, products, and methods. This resulting report found that organizations that are leveraging threat intelligence to combat increasing cyber threats have seen a large business impact. In fact, organizations credit threat intelligence programs with saving businesses an average of $8.8 million over twelve months.

Whitepaper: SOAR Platforms: Everything You Need to Know About Security, Orchestration, Automation, and Response

by ThreatConnectSep 13, 2019

With a SOAR solution, it's possible to process data and mitigate threats in a single platform. You'll also learn how you can adapt to the adversarial landscape and use automation and orchestration to streamline your organization's security approach.

Whitepaper: Threat Intelligence Platforms: Everything You Want to Know, But Didn't Know to Ask

by ThreatConnectSep 13, 2019

Download this ebook to learn how a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can help your organization move faster, collaborate more intently, and make better use of existing tools to aggregate, analyze, and act on threat intelligence. This book also talks about how to effectively use threat intelligence, expected capabilities of a TIP, the future of threat intel, and more. Read to the very end for a TIP checklist.

Whitepaper: Open Source vs. Commercial Threat Intelligence Platforms

by ThreatConnectSep 13, 2019

In this whitepaper, we discuss the key technical and economic considerations every security team needs when contemplating an open source or commercial threat intelligence platform. It will help you narrow down what your team needs and what solution best fits your cybersecurity strategy.

Whitepaper: More is Not More: Busting the Threat Intel Feeds Myth

by ThreatConnectSep 13, 2019

It's a common misconception that a large quantity of threat intelligence feeds leads to more effective security. But instead of adding more threat intel feeds, you should incorporate the feeds that provide the most value to your organization's security operations. Download this paper to learn your options when it comes to threat intel feeds; how to evaluate feeds' quality; and which are the right feeds for your organization.