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Mist, a Juniper Company

Pioneering AI for IT

Mist built the first AI-driven, microservices cloud-based Wireless LAN (WLAN), which makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable and enables scalable indoor location services like wayfinding, proximity messaging and asset visibility. In addition, Mist's AI technology plays a key role in bringing automation and insight across the full IT stack, delivering seamless end-to-end user experiences and substantial IT cost savings. In 2019, Mist was acquired by Juniper Networks and operates as a business unit focused on the AI-Driven Enterprise which combines Mist's next-generation wireless platform with Juniper's best-in-class switching, routing, security and SD-WAN solutions to deliver unsurpassed end-to-end user and IT experiences.

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Latest Content From Mist, a Juniper Company

Infographic: Bring Your Network To Your Employees

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJul 20, 2020

The shift to a remote workforce has made business continuity more important. Keeping users connected, productive and secure without losing the agility and reliability needed to scale to support evolving demands.

The Enterprise at Home solution leverages Mist Wi-Fi, Mist Edge, and Juniper Connected Security to extend the AI-driven enterprise to remote workforces.

Using zero-touch provisioning, Juniper security hardware and Mist Wi-Fi access points can be deployed remotely without a technician visit.

See how you can create a comprehensive strategy for your remote workforce with this infographic.

Infographic: The Ultimate Wi-Fi 6 Reference Guide

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJul 20, 2020

With the exciting new innovations that W-Fi 6 (802.11ax) brings, Mist wants to help you understand the features and how to interpret them when designing or troubleshooting a network. Learn more about:

• Handy Wireshark filters for decoding Wi-Fi 6
• OFDMA resource unit allocation
• BSS Coloring for spatial reuse
• TWT (target wait time) for improving battery life
• How AI can help optimize Wi-Fi 6

Whitepaper: Wired and Wireless LAN Solution Comparison Guide

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJul 20, 2020

The Mist platform is built on a modern microservices cloud architecture for elastic scale and agility. An inline AI engine delivers unprecedented insight and automation. Virtual Bluetooth® LE enables personalize location services with ease and scale.

It's time to retire your controllers and first generation cloud WLAN solutions.

Download the Comparison Table now and see how Mist beat the competition.

Whitepaper: Jackson Electric Co-op Empowers Gulf Coast Residents to Work From Home

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJul 20, 2020

When the coronavirus crisis forced the shutdown of America, Jackson Electric Cooperative turned it up. It had to. Broadband internet became a lifeline for the people around Matagorda Bay, Texas, with miles of Gulf Coast beaches and fresh oysters, blue crab, and shrimp. See how Jackson Electric can use Mist's Wired and Wireless Assurance capabilities to set, monitor, and enforce service-level expectations for metrics throughput, capacity, roaming, and uptime. With the foundation of a smart community network, they can continue to deliver affordable Internet and innovative services to the people who love the open stretches of the Gulf Coast

Whitepaper: Dartmouth Transforms the Campus Experience with AI-Driven Insight and Automation

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJun 11, 2020

Dartmouth College has long been known as one of the world's greatest academic institutions and it attracts a diverse, highly motivated student and faculty population. Wi-Fi is a top priority. Students expect fast, pervasive, reliable wireless service just as much as an engaging curriculum, good professors, and a vibrant social life.

More than 6500 undergraduate and graduate students attend Dartmouth, and the school employs a distinguished faculty and staff of around 4000 individuals. Download this case study to learn how the college is transforming its networking experience.

Whitepaper: Wonderful Pistachios Gets Cracking with AI-Driven Networking

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJun 11, 2020

Wonderful Pistachios wanted a fresh approach and selected Mist Systems. Read this case study to find out how instead of replacing its wireless LAN with a slightly updated version of the same old technology, the company embraced a modern, AI-driven WLAN.

Whitepaper: Gap Inc. Transforms In-Store Wi-Fi Experience with AI-Driven Networking

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJun 11, 2020

Technology has transformed retail, changing how shoppers interact with their favorite brands. To give customers and retails associates the best experience with in-store Wi-Fi, Gap Inc. found AI-driven networking to be a perfect fit.

With a modern, microservices cloud architecture, the Mist Platform lays the foundation for game-changing services. AI-powered insight reduced technical staff visits to stores by 85%. Full access to rich APIs simplifies automation and integration with operations tools. And, a corporate backbone, based on Juniper, connects corporate offices, distribution centers, and web properties to data centers.

With the AI-driven Mist platform, stores now have predictable, reliable, and measurable Wi-Fi. IT staff has greater visibility and can leverage the power of automation to consistently meet Wi-Fi service levels and user expectations. Download the case study to learn more.

Whitepaper: Wi-Fi 6: The (Much) Bigger Story

by Mist, a Juniper CompanyJun 11, 2020

With over 150 Wi-Fi 6 CERTIFIED™ devices already, it's time to start preparing your network for Wi-Fi 6!

It is widely expected that 2020 will see an increasing number of businesses refresh their networks with Wi-Fi- 6 access points to prepare themselves to support the soaring device densities and performance needs of employees, guests and customers.

Download this "Wi-Fi 6: The (Much) Bigger Picture" White Paper by the Farpoint Group to learn:

• Challenges facing many enterprises, like you, and how Wi-Fi 6 has the potential to help
• New features and enhancements in the new Wi-Fi standard
• How to get the most out of Wi-Fi 6 with AI, analytics, advanced management, automation, and assurance
• Best practices for network design from AP placement, channel/RF configuration
• How to prepare the wired network