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Webcast: AI in the Contact Center: Balancing Automation and the Human Touch

by TalkdeskJul 10, 2019

In the customer experience (CX) era, businesses that are able to create an experience that delights become market leaders, while those that fail to do so lag behind and struggle to survive. For most enterprises, CX starts in the contact center, but providing a differentiated customer experience is about more than just having well-trained agents -- it’s about delivering personalized, contextual interactions while reducing the burden on the customer. And doing so while maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing costs. This has led to a flurry of activity in the contact center space around incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into feature sets.

But AI isn’t a CX panacea, and it can’t be used for everything. When it’s used properly, it can profoundly improve contact center operations and allow the business to serve its customers faster and better. When used incorrectly, however, the negative effect it has on the customer experience can be devastating to the business. Success in this realm depends on striking the right balance between people and machines.

Webcast: 3 Ways to Simplify Your Contact Center in 2019

by TalkdeskApr 23, 2019

Customer experience has overtaken price and product as the top differentiator between brands. Your customers don’t care about spikes in interaction volume, agent training curves, or the mechanics of contact center technology. They simply want fast, efficient service. How do you manage an environment that is constantly changing without allowing it to negatively impact your customers?


Webcast: 5 Must Haves for the 2019 Call Center

by TalkdeskJan 16, 2019

Creating or maintaining a modern call center requires you to stay up to date on innovation and proven principles. Join this session to gain in-the-know insight from some of the industry’s premier thought leaders on this year’s must haves. Transforming any operation can take time, but with these helpful insights you will walk away from this webinar with some useful suggestions to finalize your 2019 game plan.