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A complete security platform for your DevOps workloads, containers, & cloud environments.

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Latest Content From Lacework

Whitepaper: The Role of Kubernetes in Cloud Security

by LaceworkSep 18, 2019

With the rapid adoption of Kubernetes for application and infrastructure orchestration, there's a corresponding increase in the risk associated with data exposure and vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle. This whitepaper describes how to apply effective security so your organization has visibility, threat detection, and anomaly analysis to risks and threats for Kubernetes-deployed infrastructures, including publicly exposed and unsecured API servers and management consoles.

Whitepaper: 2019 Definitive Guide to Public Cloud Security

by LaceworkSep 18, 2019

To help organizations evaluate their cloud security options, Lacework analyzed how vendors compare across cloud server compliance, Kubernetes security, anomaly detection, container security, workload security, multicloud environments, and more.

Whitepaper: 3 Critical Elements of Effective Security for AWS

by LaceworkSep 18, 2019

Apply the right tools and skill sets for you to gain control & visibility over your cloud environment through the lens of these 3 critical security elements.

Whitepaper: DevOps Security for Cloud & Container Environments

by LaceworkSep 18, 2019

Security and compliance must be woven into any new framework, and this is no different with DevOps. New DevOps processes and tools must also follow an organization's information security and secure development lifecycle policy and process while additional security and compliance tooling may also be needed.

Whitepaper: Securing Containers in a Cloud Environment

by LaceworkAug 18, 2019

Containers and containerized applications running on cloud resources have brought countless benefits, but have introduced security challenges as well. To address the latter, download Lacework's blueprint for container & orchestration best practices.