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IHS Markit Technology

IHS Markit Technology is now a part of Informa Tech, offering hundreds of additional subject matter experts and unique insights across the entire technology landscape. From silicon to subscribers, from emerging technologies to enterprise IT and beyond - IHS Markit Technology is a trusted advisor and market research provider to businesses and governments. Leaders from some of the worlds largest industries rely on IHS Markit Technology because of our proven ability to calibrate to the demand of their marketplaces and scale our thinking across virtually any operation or enterprise, from ground-level tactics to high-level strategy.

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Latest Content From IHS Markit Technology

Research Report: Leveraging Millimeter Wave for 5G Report

by IHS Markit TechnologySep 23, 2019

Millimeter wave (mmW) is a key component for 5G networks, yet it is not without its limitations. This report explores the benefits and limitations of mmW as well as deployment use cases, network planning and strategies, and performance benchmarking.

Research Report: Fueling Digital Transformation with Communications Report

by IHS Markit TechnologySep 23, 2019

There are a number of applications businesses can utilize for their communication infrastructure. This report explores bringing these applications together in new and different ways to best engage with their customers. Topics covered include exploring the spectrum of communications services and applications and how to bring them together to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Research Report: Reconfigurable Compute for Secure Accelerated Networks Report

by IHS Markit TechnologySep 23, 2019

New requirements for application services, security, cloud, DevOps, NFV, and edge computing are driving adoption of in-server programmable network hardware, using reconfigurable compute to provide accelerated performance. This report explores architectural options and best practices for adopting programmable network hardware.

Research Report: SD-WAN for a Multi-Cloud World Report

by IHS Markit TechnologySep 23, 2019

In 2018, many enterprises are expected to create or already have in place a custom cloud of clouds, or Multi-Cloud, in order to meet their off-premises cloud services needs. Avoiding a connectivity nightmare requires suitable architecture and an understanding of best practices and common pitfalls for providers and the enterprises themselves. This report explores the evolution of SD-WAN architecture to meet requirements for secure Multi-Clouds, solutions for service providers planning to offer Multi-Cloud connectivity services, and recommendations for enterprises using many different CSPs.

Research Report: Data Center Optics Report

by IHS Markit TechnologySep 19, 2019

Operators are looking closely at ways to solve the data center optics challenge. This report explores the world of DCI optics and the solutions that are largely fragmented, where they connect, where they converge, and opportunities that exist for increased efficiencies.