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SecZetta provides third-party identity risk solutions that enable organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for diverse non-employee populations. Our solutions are purpose-built to manage the dynamic relationships organizations have with non-employees in an easy-to-use application that helps facilitate commercial strategies, support regulatory compliance, and reduce third-party risk.

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Whitepaper: Case Study: Tackling the Challenge Of Non-Employee Management

by SecZettaJul 31, 2020

Geisinger had addressed the need to manage the non-employee population by developing its own homegrown non-employee management solution. Over time, this solution had fallen victim to a common problem with in-house solutions: lack of resources to maintain the solution at an acceptable level. Geisinger needed an out-of-the-box non-employee management solution that could be implemented in a short time-frame. The solution needed to cover the complex requirements and multiple use-cases related to managing their large non-employee population. The first hurdle was to fully gather, vet and document the functional requirements and design of the new solution. This was challenging due to several factors:

  • Geisinger already had an existing, complex solution that created certain expectations in their user population around requirements and how things should operate.
  • Those most familiar with the existing solution had been reassigned within the organization.
  • Other systems and processes associated with non-employee management were also undergoing changes. This made requirements a moving target.
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E-Book: Today's Non-Employee Lifecycle Management

by SecZettaJun 15, 2020

Today, managing the identity lifecycle for non-employees is an arduous and time-consuming process. From onboarding to auditing and verification to the removal of access on termination, the lack of centralized or complete information can leave your organization exposed to risk.

SecZetta provides purpose-built solutions that enable organizations to execute risk-based identity and lifecycle strategies for diverse non-employee populations. Manual processes are replaced with automated workflows, improving efficiency, audits are simplified, and third-party risk is reduced.

Whitepaper: The Identity Gap in Third-Party Risk Management

by SecZettaJun 15, 2020

Organizations have eagerly embraced growing and diverse populations of partners, vendors, and other contingent labor as well as non-human technologies like service accounts, bots, and smart devices to boost competitiveness. While these efforts are intended to fortify competitive strategies, many organizations are just now realizing the extent to which by utilizing these third parties, they are creating new operational challenges and expanding their attack surface, dramatically increasing cyber risk exposure.

Download this whitepaper to read more on:

  • Breach risks
  • Emerging compliance risks
  • Traits of successful third-party management
  • Signs that an organization's approach to third-party identity management is failing.

Whitepaper: The Risk Management Blind Spot

by SecZettaJun 15, 2020

An ever-growing area of concentration in risk management is identifying and mitigating the risks that third parties introduce to an organization -- and perhaps equally important, ensuring that third parties don't introduce unmeasured risk. One might think that third-party governance systems, sometimes used for vendor assessments, could be used to manage the identity and access management aspects of the vendor relationship. However, most security vendors do not consider identity to be part of third-party management. In fact, organizations realize the risk of third parties the moment they provision access, whether or not it is measured, mitigated, or even known.

Download this whitepaper to read more on:

  • Risk management best practices
  • Applying risk tolerance for third parties
  • Third-party identity risk management responsibilities
  • SecZetta's approach to third-party identity management.