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Code42 is the leader in Insider Risk Management (IRM), offering end-to-end data loss detection and response solutions. The Code42 Incydr product is native to the cloud and rapidly detects data exposure, loss, leak and theft as well as speeds incident response - all without lengthy deployments, complex policy management or blocking employee productivity. Accelerating the effectiveness of Insider Risk programs are the Code42 Instructor microlearning solution, and Code42's full suite of expert services.

With Code42, security professionals can protect corporate data and reduce insider risk while fostering an open and collaborative culture for employees. Designed to meet regulatory control requirements, Code42's IRM solution is FedRAMP-authorized and can be configured for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and other compliance frameworks. Innovative organizations, including the fastest-growing security companies, rely on Code42 to safeguard their ideas. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and backed by Accel Partners, JMI Equity, NewView and Split Rock Partners. Code42 has played a defining role in developing a vision and requirements for the IRM category - now recognized by Gartner, IDC and Forrester - and is a founding member of the annual Insider Risk Summit and Insider Risk Community.

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Research Report: Okta Chooses IRM Over CASB to Avoid Data Leak from Cloud File Sharing

by Code42Feb 26, 2023

Learn how Okta's security team addressed increasing data risk by prioritizing a data protection initiative that would bolster their control over cloud data. They say they're no longer living in 'disaster mode' because Insider Risk Management helps them mitigate their risk. In security, benefits are hard to measure - it's hard to give value to all this data until it gets out. Okta is happy they don't have to find out.

E-Book: How to Prevent Burnout: Protect Your Employees and Your Data

by Code42Feb 27, 2023

We're facing an epidemic of employee burnout in the enterprise world. And the burnout epidemic is converging with another major trend: surging cybersecurity risk. Download this eBook to learn four practical steps for how security leaders can build user-centric security programs that reduce employee stress & enhance adherence.

Research Report: How Snowflake Keeps Critical IP Safe Without Disrupting Productivity

by Code42Feb 27, 2023

The Snowflake security team knew traditional data protection tools, like DLP and CASB, were too cumbersome and not effective at providing them the visibility they needed. Learn how they built an Insider Risk Management program that gave them visibility into data movement, without putting up productivity roadblocks.

Research Report: Code42 Annual Data Exposure Report

by Code42Feb 27, 2023

Findings show that cybersecurity teams are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to protecting sensitive corporate data. Three compounding trends vastly increase the risk to organizations:

  • Continued adoption of cloud technologies
  • The impact of departing employees' theft of IP
  • Ongoing misunderstanding and poor communication between stakeholders at the board, security leadership and security practitioner levels

  • Download the report to learn more.

Infographic: 4 Steps to Conduct an Insider Risk Investigation Using a Human-Centric Approach

by Code42Feb 27, 2023

Times have changed. Instead of investigating employees the same way we investigate external threats, we must take a more empathetic approach. The majority of untrusted data movement is non-malicious.

Whatever the intention - whether source code is taken to a competitor or to a home computer to speed up productivity, the event can still have the same detrimental effect. Learn about an empathetic approach to a data protection investigation. Empathetic Investigations allow security teams to contain threats to data in a way that's proportional to the threat's severity and build trust within the organization. Access the resource to examine some examples of when an empathetic approach to your investigation process might improve the effectiveness of your data protection program.