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LoopUp helps organizations move their global communications into the cloud to support flexible working, increase productivity and reduce complexity and cost. Solutions include full telephony integration for Microsoft Teams, which is delivered over LoopUp's premium voice network via Direct Routing, and a premium remote meeting solution, available as a native app for Teams or as a standalone solution. LoopUp provides a fully managed global service with customer support from 15 offices around the world. LoopUp is a Microsoft Gold Partner with deep expertise in voice solutions, and has built a reputation for quality solutions, premium service and reliability over the last 15 years. More than 5,000 organizations around the world use LoopUp's global voice network — from major multinationals to fast-growing SMEs, public sector bodies and professional service firms, including 20 of the top 100 global law firms.

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Whitepaper: Preparing Your Corporate Network for Microsoft Teams Telephony

by LoopUpApr 22, 2021

Microsoft Teams is highly regarded as a tool for both collaboration and communication. But in order for organizations to get the most out of Teams, their corporate network infrastructure must be set up appropriately.

Our whitepaper "Preparing your corporate network for Microsoft Teams telephony" explains:

• How network issues can affect call quality
• Why the quality of the corporate network is just as important as the quantity of network capacity
• How to optimize network quality in four easy steps
• How to plan for capacity
• The importance of ongoing post-deployment optimization

Download the free whitepaper to find out more.

Whitepaper: Direct Routing or Calling Plans — Which Approach to Microsoft Teams Telephony is Right for Your Business?

by LoopUpApr 22, 2021

The use of Teams as a full telephony replacement solution is gaining traction, but organizations are not always aware of the options available to them for connecting Microsoft Phone System to the public network.

Our whitepaper "Direct Routing or Calling Plans: which approach to Microsoft Teams telephony is right for your business?" explains:

• What is Microsoft Phone System and how does it work?
• Microsoft Calling Plans — a simple approach for smaller organizations
• Direct Routing as a Service — the enterprise grade solution

Download the free whitepaper to find out more.

Whitepaper: The Microsoft Teams Telephony User Experience

by LoopUpApr 22, 2021

If you're considering incorporating enterprise telephony into Microsoft Teams, you're doubtless already aware of the benefits it can deliver to your business. But what is Teams telephony actually like to use?

Our in-depth guide takes you through the key features and functions of Microsoft Teams telephony, including:

• The basics of making and receiving calls
• Setting up auto-attendants and call queues
• Delegating or redirecting incoming calls to colleagues

Download the free whitepaper to find out more.

Whitepaper: Adding Cloud Telephony to Microsoft Teams

by LoopUpApr 20, 2021

Enterprises across the world are switching from traditional on-premises phone systems to cloud-based telephony solutions. The business benefits are hard to ignore — more flexible ways of working, improved employee productivity and reduced operational costs.

A growing number of organizations are using Microsoft Teams for cloud telephony, fully replacing legacy on-premises phone systems. LoopUp's whitepaper "Adding cloud telephony to Microsoft Teams" explains:

• What is cloud telephony?
• What are the benefits for users and businesses?
• How does and organization implement cloud telephony for Microsoft Teams?

Download the free whitepaper to find out more.