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Whitepaper: Building an Incoming Call Handling Strategy

by TelewareJan 01, 2008

It looks at how intelligent communications applications enable the development of business incoming call handling strategies to ensure calls are handled appropriately. At worst missed or delayed calls from potential customers or key partner contacts can mean direct loss of revenue. Incoming calls are critical to the business; at best a poorly managed incoming call strategy will create a poor impression of the business and create customer frustration and impatience.

Whitepaper: The TeleWare Application Architecture

by TelewareJan 01, 2008

Originally developed to support the complex multi vendor architectures found in the telephony world of the 90’s, the TeleWare application suite has consistently demonstrated the unique flexibility of its architecture by enabling support for new network types and protocols. This paper from Teleware gives an overview of TeleWare architecture, explaining the unique approach that has enabled this flexibility which provides the ability to support mixed network solutions today, and has finally opened the way separating telephony software from vendor specific hardware and removing the limitations and restrictions of proprietary telephony application solutions.