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Lionbridge (NASDAQ: LIOX) is the world's leading provider of language, content, and technology outsourcing services. Our global team of 4,500 employees across 26 countries, and network of 25,000 independent partners enable our clients to develop, release, manage and maintain their enterprise content and technology applications globally.

Lionbridge offshoring services include the development and maintenance of applications as well as testing to ensure the quality, interoperability, usability and performance of clients' software, hardware, consumer technology products, web sites and content. We are the first outsourcing provider to integrate engineering services with global market adaptation. Our clients hire us to develop and support global-ready products and content that successfully competes in worldwide marketplaces.

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Whitepaper: Configurability in SaaS

by Lionbridge TechnologiesNov 09, 2009

The ability of tenants to create custom views, data structures, and workflows is critical to the success of software as a service. In this paper, we explore the variety of configurable options, typical technical challenges, and common approaches for optimizing SaaS configurability.

Whitepaper: Test Process Assessments Move Into The Real World

by Lionbridge TechnologiesJun 26, 2009

Freed from the classroom, frameworks for measuring the effectiveness of test organizations have been adapted to the real world, and are in use today by development teams looking to continuously improve product release readiness. This white paper examines the fresh techniques for assessing the effectiveness of QA organizations.

Whitepaper: Future-Forward To 802.11n

by Lionbridge TechnologiesMar 26, 2009

The crucial interoperability of wireless network devices built around the 802.11 standard is threatened by the advent of new and faster technologies. The IEEE is trying to cope by introducing the 802.11n standard--but it�s still in draft form. Meanwhile, how can manufacturers cope with the confusion and promise surrounding 802.11�s future? The situation is outlined, and a forward path, based on strategic testing, is proposed.

Whitepaper: A Mobile Software Quality Framework

by Lionbridge TechnologiesFeb 23, 2009

Today�s mobile software companies face a daunting challenge: How can they achieve quality while getting to market swiftly? After all, speed is king in the mobile market. New technologies are constantly being introduced; new mobile device platforms are emerging at a prodigious rate; competitors are constantly �one-upping� each other in an ever-escalating arms race of new features and interfaces. The trade-off between speed and quality in mobile software development is an illusion--or should be. A framework is presented for using quality processes to accelerate development.

Whitepaper: Learning Management Systems: Development Strategies for the Next Generation

by Lionbridge TechnologiesJan 23, 2009

New development strategies, standards, and tools promise to move the LMS industry forward into a �next generation� of technology and importance. This paper will interest ISV product managers and engineers of educational software products, chief learning officers, and chief technology officers of corporate universities, along with information technology personnel at the community and state college level, including developers of custom applications and application services.

Whitepaper: Application Portfolio Management: Delivering Improved Functionality

by Lionbridge TechnologiesNov 01, 2008

APM is one of the best tools for evaluating, balancing, and enhancing the value of application portfolios and supporting fact-based decision making. This white paper provides a framework for implementing an APM program that will enable your organization to monitor and analyze the impact of technology and application changes; align changing business and technology objectives; reduce portfolio complexity and cost of ownership; and increase return on portfolio investment and performance.

Whitepaper: Sun N2000 Series Secure Application Switch: Layer 4 Performance Test

by Lionbridge TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Sun Microsystems commissioned VeriTest to measure the Layer 4 performance of their Sun N2000 Series Secure Application Switch. Sun supplied a N2120 switch running version V2_0R1firmware and configured with 12 small form factor Gigabit Ethernet ports and one function card. The function card adds support for both hardware-based Layer 4-7 application switching and SSL acceleration. Sun requested that VeriTest measure the maximum number of Layer 4 HTTP 1.0 connections/second supported by the Sun N2000 Series switch.