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Whitepaper: Developing a More Effective Course to Deliver CIS Education

by Ohio UniversityJan 01, 2008

Students’ engagement in learning has consistently been linked to their retention rates in the Management Information Systems (MIS) program, their academic success and interest in the MIS major. Many institutions offer beginning programming courses using legacy character mode editors to develop static applications. This research paper describes changes made in programming courses with respect to teaching development of interactive web pages instead of windows applications while using the same Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Faculty members should develop techniques and styles that engage students and make students responsible for meeting learning goals.

Whitepaper: Explicit Transport Error Notification (ETEN) for Error-Prone Wireless and Satellite Networks

by Ohio UniversityJan 01, 2008

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the most widely used transport protocol in the TCP/IP suite by today’s common Internet users and applications. Wireless and satellite networks often have non-negligible packet corruption rates that can significantly degrade TCP performance. This is due to TCP?s assumption that every packet loss is an indication of network congestion (causing TCP to reduce the transmission rate). This problem has received much attention in the literature. It takes a broad look at the problem of enhancing TCP performance under corruption losses, and includes a discussion of the key issues.