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Whitepaper: Customer Priorities in a Competitive Identity and Access Management Marketplace

by DatamonitorJan 01, 2008

This paper details the range of customer functional requirements that may need to be addressed by the organization’s choice of Identity and Access Management (I&AM) solution, highlighting those of greatest importance and business benefit, along with other ownership considerations that Butler Group believes customers should assess. It discusses how Oracle is placed to meet these needs, in the context of today’s fast-changing and competitive I&AM market place, and compares the capabilities in the Oracle solution with those of other key identity management vendors in the market place, and with the functionality available from the open source software sector.

Whitepaper: The ROI Case for Smart Cards in the Enterprise: The Benefits of a Converged Logical and Physical Access Solution

by DatamonitorJan 01, 2008

Authentication solutions are typically used as the basis for critical security mechanisms such as access control. Based on the authentication of a user’s identity, This Datamonitor white paper illustrates the Return On Investment (ROI) argument for investment in secure access smart card-based solutions in the enterprise. The paper focuses on the ROI benefits of smart cards for both authenticating users to IT networks and systems (logical access) and controlling access to facilities (physical access), with a further assessment of converged solutions that combine the two.

Whitepaper: Technology Audit: Jacada - Jacada Fusion V3 and Jacada WorkSpace V3

by DatamonitorJan 01, 2008

Jacada WorkSpace and Jacada Fusion, create the foundation for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach in reusing existing infrastructure assets. Jacada Fusion is applicable to any organization type, and Jacada WorkSpace is focused on enhancing the operability of the contact centre and is a unified agent desktop for contact centers, which offers dynamic call scripting, soft phone, up-sell/cross-sell, workflow, and application nesting. The Jacada Fusion process optimization platform simplifies agents’ interactions with business systems by automating and optimizing processes; including processes that flow across non-integrated business systems.

Whitepaper: Application Management: Optimizing Your Contact Center Technology Investments

by DatamonitorJan 01, 2008

In the aftermath of the heavy technology spending in the 1990s, Contact Center (CC) managers are no longer looking to expand their portfolio of technology investments but rather are exploring methods for exploiting those in which they have already invested. In CCs, Application Management is fundamentally a business strategy that aligns applied CC technologies and functions with customer needs to improve profitability and customer satisfaction. The need to analyze, determine and optimize CC technologies has led to the advent of Application Management.

Whitepaper: Comprehensive System Security Management - Eliminating Rogue Systems

by DatamonitorJan 01, 2008

To understand the scale of the dual issues of rogue systems and managing a heterogeneous environment, Datamonitor conducted survey of 246 European organizations. The aim of the survey was to not only examine system security strategies but also determine how many organizations were affected by rogue systems, to identify the damage they cause and discover whether organizations were moving to eliminate such threats.

Whitepaper: Customer Service Strategies for Community Banking and Credit Unions: Driving Competitive Advantage Through Customer Service Excellence in the Contact Center

by DatamonitorJan 01, 2008

The US banking environment has become increasingly challenging for community banks and credit unions. Growth in the core banking areas of deposits, mortgage origination and consumer lending has peaked in many states and the top-tier and regional banks have become increasingly aggressive in leveraging their capital and marketing power to expand market share. This paper from Datamonitor explores the trends and developments around these areas within the context of the specific challenges the US community banking and credit union industries face considering the role of communication and workforce optimization technologies.