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Top tips for time stretched admins [ Source: ControlNow ]

April 2015- Administering IT in small and mid-sized companies can be a difficult task, often with a very small team responsible for hundreds of workers. As well as needing to solve urgent day-to-day issues, the IT team must balance strategic long-term project work, and provide advice to keep the business competitive. This whitepaper provides top time-saving tips that IT admins can use to stay on top of their workloads, keep systems running and protected, and maintain a ...

Telehealth ROI: 5 Ways to Profit with Telepresence [ Source: Vu Telepresence ]

March 2013- In very recent months CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicated Services) has released new billing options that, combined with the right technology, can mean big profits for your healthcare practice.

Have you had a chance to review the new CPT and HCPCS codes? Have you seen the new technology that lets you add another layer to your services? We're happy to present this free Telepresence for Healthcare ROI Guide This guide is a ...

Top 5 Considerations for Cost-Effective Computer Lifecycle Management [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- Many mid-sized businesses are locked into refresh cycles for their desktop and laptop computers that are more a reflection of past experience than current opportunities. So how do you develop a cost-effective strategy for managing computer lifecycles? Find out how you can maximize investment and enhance business agility with some key considerations.

Departmental Private Cloud Reference Architecture [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

November 2012- With the addition of systems management such as Microsoft System Center, customers can move beyond virtualization and begin to implement private clouds. A private cloud extends virtualization features designed into Windows Server, enabling standardized design, simple back-up, and self-service deployment of IT services. By removing the need to customize each and every IT service and by enabling line of business or application owners to control when they deploy services, IT organizations can further reduce operational ...

Web Conferencing for SMBs: 3 Key Considerations for IT Teams at Small to Midsized Firms [ Source: ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing ]

November 2012- This white paper will look at three issues of particular concern to SMB information technology professionals weighing the pros and cons of a new or different Web conferencing solution.

The Cloud Checklist for SMBs: 7 Tips for Safer Cloud Computing [ Source: ESET ]

October 2012- The cloud is supposed to be a "cure-all", but it also creates numerous new security issues for SMBs. Download this techbrief for 7 tips you must have before you commit to any service!

4 Basic And Effective Defensive Measures Against Cybercrime [ Source: ESET ]

October 2012- Cyber-thieves are targeting smaller businesses, is yours next? Less IT staff and tight budgets make you a target. Get this critical tech brief to learn about four critical security counter measures.

Real-World Virtualization for Your Business eBook [ Source: VMware ]

October 2012- Small and midsize firms virtualize IT infrastructure to meet real-world challenges: simplifying operations to focus on business issues, speeding up application rollouts to get more done, safeguarding data and operations to stay open and productive, and saving money for the bottom line. It's a new way to think about IT - and getting started is easy, fast, and inexpensive, using VMware solutions designed for your real-world small or midsize business. Read this eBook to learn ...

Enterprise Strategy Group Analyst Whitepaper - VMware View and Desktop Virtualization [ Source: VMware ]

October 2012- Virtualization long ago ceased to be an activity for risk-takers and is now largely a mainstream phenomenon. However, virtualization has made most of its inroads at the server level and not at the desktop. ESG believes that this situation is going to change. VMware offers a growing range of solutions for achieving desktop virtualization, including VMware View-a product that is proving to be adaptable, reliable, and cost-effective for a wide range of small and mid-size ...

Top 10 Features Small and Medium Businesses Need in a CRM Solution [ Source: ]

September 2012- All sized organizations now recognize the value of using a CRM solution to manage interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. This whitepaper helps small and medium sized businesses evaluate best CRM features to help solve challenges as they grow. Download now.

Cricket Communications Turns to Splunk [ Source: Splunk ]

September 2014- Keeping up with a quickly expanding business is difficult if you do not have the right tools. Cricket Communications was growing in its number of subscribers at a rate of 10 to 20% annually and needed a system that could handle processing of up to 3,000 new subscriber requests per hour.

It implemented automated business processes and contract processing systems to keep up with the new requests, but if an error occurred the whole system would ...

Milwaukee Electric Tool Turns on the Power of Continuous Data Protection [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- Learn how one company, Milwaukee Electric Tool looked to Idera Continuous Data Protection to make the transition from tape-based backup for their virtualized enviroment, and utilizing CDP's robust feature set and high-performance backup solution, met their backup requirements while positioning to move ahead with its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plans.

Defending Your Small Business Against Cyber Crime [ Source: nCircle ]

July 2012- It is said that the notorious gangster Willie Sutton once offered up a simple reply when asked why he robbed banks: "Because that's where the money is." In today's digital world, it is likely gangs of criminal hackers would share a similar sentiment when asked about targeting businesses.

But it's not only large enterprises that have information worth targeting - small to midsized businesses (SMBs) contain their share of valuable data as well. ...

eBook: How to Protect Your Website from Hackers [ Source: Imperva ]

June 2012- Hackers continuously attack Websites in order to steal sensitive data and disrupt access. To address the threat from hackers, the PCI Data Security Standard mandates that merchants fortify their Web applications against attack.

This eBook describes today's Web security risks and introduces a new cloud-based solution that protects Websites from hackers and helps meet PCI compliance requirements.

Shared Storage for SMB Server Bundles [ Source: Drobo ]

February 2012- As a small business grows it eventually reaches a point where the demands of the business require a specific IT server application like an email server, file server, database server or a web server. Operating system (OS) vendors like Microsoft and Apple are making this transition easier by providing pre-configured, cost effective versions of their server OSs targeted for small business.

This leads SMBs to move to server-hosted applications faster than in the ...

No Compromise, Cost Effective, VMware Storage for the SMB [ Source: Drobo ]

February 2012- VMware can bring tremendous operational flexibility to organizations of all sizes. While it is often thought of as a large data center technology its value to the small to medium sized business should not be overlooked.

These businesses typically have grown to a point where they have a need for four to five servers running functions like Exchange, SQL, applications like financial packages, and file serving. And often, they find that a single ...

Three unique technologies provide users with a truly modern storage experience [ Source: Drobo ]

February 2012- Storage has traditionally been difficult to understand and manage, especially for non-storage experts. Tasks such as pooling drives, scaling capacity, and protecting from data loss are complex tasks for individuals and businesses that require high-capacity and reliable storage. Also, the explosion of rich media data requires more sophisticated digital storage. Legacy solutions can be too complex or too limited for current needs.

Rethinking Backup and Recovery: Disk vs. Tape [ Source: NETGEAR ]

October 2011- This paper outlines the issues a business should consider in evaluating and planning a transition from tape to disk storage for its backup and recovery environment, and details the technical and business advantages of disk-based backup hardware and services specifically designed for the current and emerging requirements of small and midsize businesses.

Disk storage has steadily replaced tape over the entire history of IT, as hard-drive capacity grows and their price drops. As ...

Server Room Solutions: How small to midsize IT businesses can make their IT budgets appear larger than they are [ Source: Raritan ]

October 2011- Managers of small and midsize IT departments must deliver uninterrupted service 24/7. Undersized budgets, bare bones staff, increasingly complex infrastructures and miniature workspaces are all part of the equation they're expected to solve. But there's a danger in this juggling act, and even the most skillful managers are vulnerable.

Managers of small to midsize IT departments, engulfed with day-to-day operational problems, have little time to make plans to expand capacity. Without additional capability, revenue ...

Top Three Microsoft Exchange Concerns and EMC Solutions [ Source: EMC ]

December 2010- Though the switch to MS Exchange 2010 may be challenging, learn why Silverton Consulting believes the advanced capabilities of EMC’s products and solutions facilitate an easier, more successful Exchange 2010 implementation for the SMB data center.

Top Three SMB Storage Consolidation Concerns and EMC Solutions [ Source: EMC ]

December 2010- Faced with today’s meteoric data growth, how can SMBs minimize additional administrative burden, enhance the ability to adopt new applications, and comply with rigid backup window constraints? Read how EMC’s range of NAS and SAN products can help.

Controlling Complex Trade Promotion Management Issues For Suppliers To The Retail Chains [ Source: SYSPRO ]

December 2010- The SYSPRO TPM solution lets a supplier set common and practical promotion rules, establish pricing based on individual products, product classes or groups, and extend promotions to a select class of customers or geographic areas. It enables users to easily identify qualified promotions and to select them at the time of order entry. Because pricing groups cover multiple line items in order entry, users can easily recalculate prices at any time. Additionally, the System enables ...

A Clear-Cut Approach to Collections Is Essential for Profitability [ Source: SYSPRO ]

December 2010- The SYSPRO Collections Module automates all aspects of debt collection. It serves as a proactive tool for collectors, providing access to summary screens for all assigned accounts, enabling them to review the daily workload and assign priorities. Drill-down and sort views provide additional details of each contact with the customer, providing executives and credit managers with the information required to conduct business and establish long-range plans.

Ten Steps to Increasing Data Center Efficiency and Availability through Infrastructure Monitoring [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

November 2010- You can't manage what you don't monitor. That's why infrastructure monitoring is essential to data center optimization. Emerson Network Power outlines what you should be monitoring, how to monitor it and the results you can expect.

By following the 10 steps, you can:
• Automate data collection & alarm management
• Improve infrastructure efficiency
• Measure the return of energy efficiency initiatives
• Increase the value of virtualization and consolidation efforts
• Improve planning

Precision versus Comfort Cooling: Choosing a Cooling System to Support Business-Critical IT Environments [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

November 2010- Computer systems are critically sensitive to extreme variations in temperature and humidity. High heat or humidity can cause failure, degrade performance and shorten equipment life. Important differences exist between precision cooling, designed for computers, and building air conditioning (comfort cooling) systems, designed for people, in controlling these environmental conditions. These differences dramatically impact the cost effectiveness of these systems. In this paper, we compare both cooling systems’ ability to maintain favorable environmental conditions, and their ...

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