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Adapting iPad and iPhone for Enterprise Use [ Source: Sybase ]

May 2010- Apple's iPad is being launched as a consumer device. Yet, there is little doubt that it will become a valuable enterprise productivity tool.

IT departments should consider iPad when planning strategies and policies to ensure corporate information stays managed and secured.

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Reducing The Complexity Of Sub-band ADPCM Coding [ Source: APTX ]

February 2009- The number of consumer audio applications demanding high-quality audio compression and communication across wireless networks continues to grow. Although the consumer is increasingly demanding higher audio quality, devices such as portable media players and wireless headsets also demand low computational complexity, low power dissipation, and practical transmission bit-rates to help conserve battery life. This paper discusses research undertaken to lower the complexity of existing high-quality sub-band ADPCM coding schemes to better satisfy these conflicting criteria.

apt-X Lossless For Lossless Audio Compression [ Source: APTX ]

January 2009- This technology white paper introduces a new scheme for lossless audio compression called apt-X Lossless. This scheme has been conceived, designed, and developed by APTX, an audio processing technology company, the commercial originator of the apt-X low-latency audio codec, and a company with a long association with both the broadcast industry and the studio post-production business.

Environmental Benefits Of Earthwise Remanufactured Toner Cartridges [ Source: Imation ]

April 2009- This paper provides a look at the market of remanufactured toner cartridges and what environmental benefits are really achieved by using them. It is estimated that 300 million plastic toner cartridges are placed in landfills each year. At about 3 pounds per cartridge, this can equate to more than 450,000 tons of land filled plastic, steel, alumninum, rubber, foam, and other components. It is critical to review reuse and recycle opportunities. This paper explains what a recycled cartridge ...

TV 2.0 - The Big Screen PC [ Source: Icron Technologies ]

September 2008- TV 2.0 is the evolution of the TV from just being able to offer video content from a single service provider to the ability for the TV to offer content from multiple service providers (CATV + Internet) and content and applications from the PC. In short TV 2.0 is the convergence of the PC, TV and Internet. The paper looks at consumer trends, what technologies are available and under development, and the advantages and disadvantages of these.

How Document Scanners Affect Productivity and Compliance [ Source: Fujitsu ]

January 2008- Document scanning is generally a starting point for other automated business processes such as workflow, so delays in getting documents into the system can affect productivity throughout the enterprise. In service bureau environments, paying workers who are idle due to scanner downtime increases the cost-per-scan and compromises the already lean margins associated with this kind of business. Achieving maximum scanner uptime depends on a combination of hardware functionality and human factors. To increase overall scanner ...