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Research Report: The Frictionless Enterprise

by InformationWeekJun 24, 2014

To succeed today, businesses need fluid integration of mobile and cloud, partners and suppliers, developers and big data, and security and governance. Designing, building, and deploying such a fully integrated, next-gen infrastructure will be less complex if you follow some key principles: Don't create new data silos; consider cloud and mobile as just part of the stack. Remember: It's not "mobile business," it's just "business." Hew to the principle of "develop once and deploy many." That means

Research Report: 2014 US IT Salary Survey: Networking

by InformationWeekMay 19, 2014

Among the 953 networking and datacenter management professionals responding to our InformationWeek 2014 US IT Salary Survey, 61% of staff members and 65% of management are either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with all aspects of their jobs, despite only slight growth in median base salaries. Other data points:>> 73% of staffers have responsibilities that are “IT-focused only,” indicating a lack of exposure to the business.>> 66% of

Research Report: 6 Tools to Protect Big Data

by InformationWeekMay 14, 2014

One of the best things about big data is that it blows away the last vestiges of yesterday's perimeter- and endpoint-centric security paradigms. And about time: Half of all intrusions are detected at least 243 days after the attacker burrows in, says Mandiant's "Attack the Security Gap" report. Your network perimeter will be breached. Your applications will be breached. Your own employees will -- both wittingly and unwittingly -- violate your information security policies. If the rapid rise of

Research Report: Research: 2014 State of Unified Communications

by InformationWeekApr 30, 2014

The 2013 State of Unified Communications Survey had us worried. For many of those 260 ­respondents, UC projects were stuck in neutral. Only 38% had deployed, up just two points from our 2011 survey, and 31% had rolled UC out to less than 10% of their user bases.What a difference a year makes. Among the 488 respondents to our 2014 survey, 44% have UC systems deployed and in use, with an additional 13% planning to be up and running within 12 months. Other data points:>> 65% of 343

Research Report: Research: Cloud Convergence: 6 Standards That Matter

by InformationWeekApr 01, 2014

Research: Cloud Convergence: 6 Standards That MatterSDN, big data, and scale-out storage architectures have increased the complexity of datacenter convergence projects since we last surveyed our readership on the topic. ­Hybrid clouds are on the horizon for 65%, but to get there, IT must sort out everything from server architectures (internal vs. network storage, blades vs. rack mount) to storage protocols (FC vs. iSCSI vs. NAS) to network management and administration (including SDN) to

Research Report: Research: 2014 State of Storage

by InformationWeekJan 16, 2014

If you just look at vendor financials, the enterprise storage business seems stuck in neutral. However, flat revenue numbers mask a scorching pace of technical innovation, ongoing double-digit capacity growth in enterprises, and dramatic changes in how and where businesses store data. Among almost 250 respondents to our InformationWeek 2014 State of Enterprise Storage Survey, all from organizations with 50 or more employees and involved in storage strategy or operations:>> 68% have

Research Report: How Cloud Will Transform The WAN

by InformationWeekDec 20, 2013

The cloud's capacity to upend long-standing IT practices -- and vendor business models -- knows no bounds. Having changed the way IT organizations deliver applications and infrastructure, now cloud services are changing the way they design, deploy, and manage wide area networks. That change comes none too soon for respondents to our InformationWeek 2014 Next-Generation WAN Survey. While 68% of respondents see demand for WAN bandwidth increasing, a percentage that's up dramatically from the

Research Report: SDN Skirmish: Physical, Virtual Approaches Vie For Dominance

by InformationWeekDec 17, 2013

The debate emerging about how best to build next-generation software-defined networks boils down to this: Do we really need a separation between physical and virtual elements?Not so long ago, the answer seemed to be "No." SDN was synonymous with the OpenFlow protocol; with the ability to disaggregate the control and data planes of physical networks and manage low-level packet flows using a centralized controller, it seemed virtual switches and interfaces would slot right into OpenFlow designs.

Research Report: Lose the Lock-In

by InformationWeekDec 09, 2013

The word "standards" evokes images of combative committees taking six months to decide where to hold a meeting and then letting dominant industry players hold down superior technology.Vendors blamed delays with the 802.11n spec for their going rogue with proprietary implementations that often didn't work together; eventually the Wi-Fi Alliance had to expend money and effort on a certification program. And while the Open Networking Foundation begs to differ, Cisco CEO John Chambers recently

Research Report: Strategy: Infrastructure Challenges for UC

by InformationWeekDec 06, 2013

Strategy: Infrastructure Challenges for UC Auxiliary costs — WAN bandwidth, infrastructure upgrades — were cited by 26% of the respondents to our InformationWeek 2013 State of Unified Communications Survey who are not deploying UC. A lack of expertise, higher-priority projects, and doubts about business value also play into the decision. We get it — upgrades to the LAN infrastructure to extend cabling and provide quality of service and Power over Ethernet capabilities as