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Webcast: 3 Ways to Simplify Your Contact Center in 2019

by TalkdeskApr 23, 2019

Customer experience has overtaken price and product as the top differentiator between brands. Your customers don?t care about spikes in interaction volume, agent training curves, or the mechanics of contact center technology. They simply want fast, efficient service. How do you manage an environment that is constantly changing without allowing it to negatively impact your customers?

Whitepaper: Global Threat Report: Year of the Next-Gen Cyberattack

by Carbon BlackApr 23, 2019

While Crytomining, Fileless Attacks, Ransomware and Commodity Malware are still causing havoc, a new breed of cyberattacks (fueled by geopolitical is emerging).

Download this report to learn more about cyberattacks.

Whitepaper: A Guide to Assessing Security Maturity

by Carbon BlackApr 23, 2019

Cybersecurity is an unavoidable part of daily business operations for organizations of all sizes and industries. As reliance on information technology expands, so does an organization's exposure to malicious actors. Hackers with sufficient capability and motivation can exploit vulnerabilities to breach the confidentiality of sensitive data, damage the integrity of information systems, and disrupt the availability of business operations. A cybersecurity breach can cost an organization millions of

Webcast: Getting More From Less: Simplifying Endpoint Security with a Cloud Delivered Platform

by Carbon BlackApr 23, 2019

IT and security professionals know that the threat landscape is dynamic. Every day, attackers are getting smarter and coming up with new techniques to avoid detection. With non-malware and in-memory attacks now making up 70% of breaches, traditional antivirus (AV) is no longer enough to keep systems safe. In fact, less than a third of organizations believe traditional AV can stop the advanced ransomware attacks that are so prevalent today.

To combat this increased risk, many

Whitepaper: SANS Review: Securing Your Endpoints with Carbon Black

by Carbon BlackApr 23, 2019

The threat landscape is worsening every day. To combat this, organizations have begun adding more and more tools-leading to overwhelming complexity in security stacks.

Read the SANS review of Carbon Black's Predictive Security Cloud to learn how Carbon Black's platform provides a solution that simplifies endpoint security, while providing protection from advanced attacks.

"In the SANS "Endpoint Protection and Response" survey1 from 2018, 42 percent of respondents indicated

Whitepaper: The Total Economic Impact™ Of The CB Predictive Security Cloud

by Carbon BlackApr 23, 2019

Your endpoints are one of the most targeted assets in your organization. In 2017 alone, more than 50% of organizations experienced a data breach of some kind. A new approach to endpoint security is needed.

According to a recent Forrester study, organizations who replace traditional endpoint security with the CB Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) can realize significant business benefits and cost savings. Forrester conducted interviews with seven Carbon Black customers who moved from

Whitepaper: How Network Traffic Analysis Makes the CIS Controls Easier

by ExtraHopApr 23, 2019

When you have limited resources and a large attack surface to protect, smart prioritization is crucial. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Controls are a great place to start when it comes to making tough decisions, and ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides enterprise-class network traffic analysis to help you support many of the 20 Controls with ease.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Reveal(x) makes it far simpler for security teams to tackle the ambitious CIS Controls such as

Whitepaper: EMA: Top 3 Report and Decision Guide for Security Analytics in 2019

by ExtraHopApr 23, 2019

For help navigating the security analytics market, download EMA Research's new "Security Analytics for Threat Detection and Breach Resolution in 2019" report and decision guide. EMA evaluated 32 vendors across a range of security analytics use cases and listed Reveal(x) as a Top 3 Winner in six different categories:

• Asset Classification and Inventory
• Early Breach Detection
• Encrypted Traffic Analysis
• Forensic Analysis Leveraging Packet Streams

Whitepaper: Ribbon Analytics Application Portfolio

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

A 3600 understanding of IP data and RTC usage that delivers numerous use cases for services assurance, security and subscriber grow.

Whitepaper: STIR/ SHAKEN (Addressing Caller ID Spoofing)

by Ribbon Communications Inc.Apr 22, 2019

Keep communications free of calls coming through from various numbers that are fraudulent and known nuisance call.

This solution brief will focus on the source authentication process being developed by Ribbon Communications to solve the robo-calling plague.