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Whitepaper: 3 Things You Need to Know About Prioritizing Vulnerabilities

by TenableAug 19, 2019

91% of organizations had one cyberattack in the last 2 years. Learn how Predictive Prioritization can help you.

Webcast: AI vs. AI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Deep InstinctSep 10, 2019

Think about what would happen when hackers start using the power of AI for their malicious ends? With the dissemination of AI knowledge and resources, this has become not a theoretical question of if, but when. In this webinar we?ll be drawing out the implications of this, as we explore the three possible types of attack which include: AI based attacks ? where malware is built on AI algorithms as an integral part of its business logic. AI based attack infrastructure and frameworks ? where

Whitepaper: How to Navigate the Intersection of DevOps and Security

by Synopsys Inc.Sep 28, 2018

Learn how to build security into your DevOps culture to ensure secure, high-quality software without sacrificing speed.

Research Report: InformationWeek Special Issue: February 2013

by InformationWeekFeb 20, 2013

Disaster Recovery Roadblocks: Don't let data, WAN and integration challenges get in the way of automated failover.
Why Automation's A Good Thing: The conventional wisdom is wrong. It's smart, affordable and good for IT.
Data Points: Find out more from our recent State of Storage Survey.

Research Report: Informed CIO: Identity Management

by InformationWeekJun 01, 2009

Identity Management: 10 Questions to AskIn today’s global business operating environments, where organizational and geographical boundaries are crossed hundreds of times a day to get the job done, there’s a critical need for standardized identity management. CIOs should keep an eye on government and private-sector federation initiatives—including the GSA’s E-Authentication program, the Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Framework (LIAF) and the Transglobal Secure

Research Report: Informed CIO: Storage Automation

by InformationWeekAug 01, 2009

Storage Automation: 8 Questions to Ask Before BuyingImplementing automation tools and processes requires an upfront investment in funding, planning and integrity testing. But the business will reap benefits both immediately and as the footprint and complexity of storage services increase. Operationally, data protection activities, such as snapping clones and replication pairs, can often be readily automated and pay instant dividends by enhancing recoverability in the event of a data loss or

eBook: Quick Guide to Power Distribution

by EatonApr 01, 2020

Rack power distribution units, A.K.A. rack PDUs, are a key component to any IT environment. The right unit can allow you to monitor and control the power at the individual outlet, switch power on and off, remotely shut down the power during an emergency power outage, or simply distribute power efficiently and safely. Learn more about rack PDUs and the modern benefits they can have for your business.

Research Report: Research: Choosing a Smartphone

by InformationWeekNov 30, 2008

The Smartphone To OwnThe enterprise smartphone is no longer simply a compact, mobile e-mail device slash
fashion item; it’s quickly becoming an essential tool for corporate applications, collaboration, and personal media, in many cases eclipsing the laptop as the device of choice for mobile professionals.To help enterprise IT groups balance their requirements and future mobility plans with demands from employees wowed by flashy new features, InformationWeek Analytics surveyed 688

Research Report: Research: E-Mail Archiving

by InformationWeekNov 01, 2008

E-Mail Archives: Essential For Today’s BusinessEvery good courtroom drama shows a beleaguered attorney sifting through mountains of paper in search of a damning document that will sink the opposition's case like a depth charge.These days, that beleaguered attorney is more likely to be sitting in front of a computer screen, trying to filter terabytes of data with complex search queries.It may be less cinematic, but it's reality.It's also the reason so many enterprises are investigating

Research Report: Research: Remote Application Delivery

by InformationWeekJun 01, 2009

Anywhere, Anytime: Enabling Fast Remote Application DeliveryWe just dodged a tsunami of demand for remote access to desktop applications—had the H1N1 flu pandemic proved deadly on a wide scale in the United States, governments and large enterprises were set to pull the trigger on massive telework contingency plans. So what, you say? The Federal Mobility 2.0 study released by the Telework Exchange reported that 1,250,980 federal employees were eligible to telework in July 2008, with that