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Swiss Life Gains Full Clarity with Censys Attack Surface Management

by CensysFeb 14, 2023

For more than 165 years, Swiss Life has provided financial security for individuals and corporations. From their start as a life insurance company, to their growth into comprehensive life, pensions and financial services, they serve as an important function from their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. With locations and teams dispersed throughout Europe, Swiss Life's primary divisions fall within Switzerland, France and Germany, with additional competency centers in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein,

ESG Research - The Evolving Role of NDR

by Vectra AIFeb 01, 2023

In this report, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveys Network Detection & Response (NDR) power users to learn how hybrid & multi-cloud influence the application of NDR.

Download the report, learn why: 46% report that NDRs are their most effective threat detection and response mechanism 53% report leveraging NDR for a high-fidelity signal 47% report advancing the lifecycle of their incident response processes

NDR Buyer’s Guide for Hybrid and Multicloud Enterprises

by Vectra AIFeb 01, 2023

Learn the top considerations for purchasing Network Detection & Response (NDR).

Download to find the right solution for you, rooted in: Coverage: Evaluate a solution that covers both on-prem and hybrid networks, including multiple attack surfaces Clarity: Prioritize solutions that consume cross-network data for high visibility & signal efficacy Control: Invest in a solution that your teams use to drive efficiency in their processes

In-depth Analysis of Open Source Security Vulnerabilities Most Impactful to DevOps and DevSecOps Teams

by JFrogFeb 10, 2023

This report is designed to provide developers, DevOps engineers, security researchers, and information security leaders with timely, relevant insight on the security vulnerabilities aiming to inject risks into their software supply chains. As a designated CNA, the JFrog Security Research team regularly monitors and investigates new vulnerabilities to understand their true severity and publishes this information for the benefit of the community. Read this "Annual Critical Vulnerability

Why Security Teams are Replacing IDS with Network Detection Response (NDR)

by Vectra AIFeb 01, 2023

This whitepaper covers the attack patterns and use cases leading security teams to move away from traditional IDS solutions towards Network Detection & Response.

Discover a new solution for IDS, and learn: How attackers skirt perimeter and signature-based defenses Why NDR, prioritizing in-network detection, is quickly replacing IDS Where and how NDR solutions can detect advanced attack behaviors

IT Budgeting Checklist

by AutomoxFeb 03, 2023

Economic tides are changing, but IT is often still considered another cost center that must be reviewed, picked apart, and reluctantly approved. As IT members, it's up to us to address how IT is a key contributor to a company's success.

IT is a key component to keeping your org. climbing onward and upward - especially during tough financial times. Use this go-to checklist to make your request stand out and get your budget approved, even when dollars are scarce.

Automated Vulnerability Remediation Solution Brief

by AutomoxFeb 03, 2023

Fixing vulnerabilities doesn't have to be a fire drill. Threat exposure is a growing business risk - with vulnerabilities piling up faster than traditional remediation processes and tools can fix them.

Learn more about the fastest path to full-cycle vulnerability management and get full-cycle vulnerability detection and remediation in minutes, not months.

2023 State of IT Operations Report

by AutomoxFeb 06, 2023

So much has changed in our workplaces in the past few years. How are ITOps teams keeping up?

Download this report to learn what nearly 500 IT and security professionals have to say about today's most pressing topics - and see how your own team stacks up. The information submitted is collected by both Informa Tech and our sponsor. Click here to view our sponsor's privacy policy.

This report is sponsored by:

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study of Abnormal Security

by Abnormal SecurityJan 24, 2023

As the economy shifts and budgets tighten, it's more important than ever to showcase the value of the security tools you use to protect your organization.

Learn how investing in Abnormal Security can yield a 278% ROI within three years and help your organization avoid $4 million in losses from business email compromise. On top of that, Abnormal can save your SOC team 5,000 hours every year by automating email triage and investigation.

Want to see how? Download the Total

CISO Guide to Email Platform Attacks

by Abnormal SecurityJan 24, 2023

Email platform attacks are a rising threat, accounting for more than $4 million in losses. There are three common types of attacks including, account takeover and MFA bypass, malicious app integration and over-permissioned apps, and privilege escalation and Insider threats.

Preventing these attacks requires a proactive approach to cloud email security. Legacy solutions often lack visibility into activity occurring across the cloud platform environment. It's crucial for organizations


Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security provides a leading cloud-native email security platform that leverages AI-based behavioral data science to stop socially-engineered and never-seen-before email attacks that evade traditional secure email gateways. Abnormal delivers a fundamentally different approach that precisely detects and protects against the widest range of attacks including phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, spam and graymail, supply chain compromise, and internal account compromise. The Abnormal platform delivers inbound email security, internal and external account takeover protection, and full SOC automation. Abnormal's API-based approach enables customers to get up and running in 15 minutes and can augment an SEG or be used standalone to enhance native Microsoft security protection. Abnormal Security is based in San Francisco, CA.


Cloud-native IT operations for modern organizations.


Censys was started as a research project at the University of Michigan by the creators of ZMap and inventors of fast Internet-wide scanning. Today, Censys, Inc. is led by a team of industry and academic security and networking leaders, and provides both best-in-class Internet data and Attack Surface Management.


JFrog Ltd. (Nasdaq: FROG), is on a mission to create a world of software delivered without friction from developer to device. Driven by a "Liquid Software" vision, the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform is a single system of record that powers organizations to build, manage, and distribute software quickly and securely, ensuring it is available, traceable, and tamper-proof. The integrated security features also help identify, protect, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities.

JFrog's hybrid, universal, multi-cloud platform is available as both self-hosted and SaaS services across major cloud service providers. Millions of users and 7K+ customers worldwide, including a majority of the FORTUNE 100, depend on JFrog solutions to securely embrace digital transformation. Once you leap forward, you won't go back!

Learn more at and follow us on Twitter: @jfrog-connect.

Vectra AI

Vectra® is the leader in security AI-driven cyber threat detection and response for hybrid cloud. Vectra's patented Attack Signal Intelligence™ detects and prioritizes threats across public cloud, SaaS, identity, and networks in a single platform. Vectra's Attack Signal Intelligence™ goes beyond simple anomaly detection to analyze and understand attacker behavior. The resulting high-fidelity signal and deep context enables security operations teams to prioritize, investigate and respond to cyber-attacks in progress sooner and faster. Organizations worldwide rely on the Vectra platform and MDR services to stay ahead of modern cyber-attacks.