Principia Partners

About This Company:

Principia provides the most comprehensive software solutionfor the management and administration of structured finance investments. Some of the largest investors in these assets use the Principia Structured Finance Platform (Principia SFP) as the operational backbone for their portfolios. It helps organizations to consistently integrate the management, analysis and reporting of their investments and hedging instruments, within an overall view of credit and market risk.

On a single platform, clients can perform the full range of portfolio management, cash-flow and exposure analysis, compliance, risk reporting and accounting activities demanded by their business. Operational inefficiencies associated with spreadsheets and undedicated systems are reduced by integrating these activities on a unified platform that addresses the unique challenges posed by structured finance.

For 15 years, Principa has been used by global financial institutions and investment managers. Principia has bases in New York and London.

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