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Building a Cyber Defense for 2019

by Dark ReadingDec 12, 2018

A Dark Reading Virtual Event When it comes to enterprise cybersecurity, the only constant is change. On one side, many organizations are being transformed by technological change, including the rapid movement toward cloud services, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things. On the other side, security teams are rethinking their defense strategies to respond to new threats such as ransomware, crypto mining, and next-generation malware. And as if that isn?t enough, major regulatory

Using Security Champions to Build a DevSecOps Culture Within Your Organization

by Black Duck by SynopsysDec 11, 2018

The security industry has made great strides developing tools and technology to integrate software security into the application development life cycle. However, it?s important not to ignore the people and process aspects of DevSecOps. Building security into application teams? culture is necessary for DevSecOps to be successful. Outside the software security group, Security Champions are the leaders of this cultural change.

5 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Remote Support Solution

by LogMeInDec 10, 2018

Choosing the best remote support solution is challenging as user expectations grow and systems become more complex. We share the 5 factors you need to consider when evaluating a new solution to help you on your journey.

As a bonus, you will also get a useful checklist to help you compare various solutions.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Mobile Support

by LogMeInDec 10, 2018

With a long history of supporting desktop computers and laptop devices, IT and technical support organizations often discount the need to offer services for mobile devices. This type of thinking can be dangerous. Find out the fact from fiction today.

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The Year in Security 2018

by Dark ReadingDec 07, 2018

This Dark Reading Tech Digest explores the biggest news stories of 2018 that shaped the cybersecurity landscape.

IN THIS REPORT: Meltdown, Spectre Likely Just Scratch the Surface of Microprocessor Vulnerabilities Cyberattack Aimed to Disrupt Opening of Winter Olympics Fileless Attacks Jump 94% in First Half of 2018 Destructive 'VPNFilter' Attack Network Uncovered Schneider Electric: TRITON/TRISIS Attack Used Zero-Day Flaw in its Safety Controller System, and a RAT Memcached

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Developing a Customized Defense Against Targeted Attacks

by Anomali, Inc.Dec 06, 2018

"Targeted attack" doesn't necessarily mean sophisticated malware and nation-state threat actors. What it does mean, is that the attack will be aimed directly at your organization, so your defenses should be focused where targeted attackers will hit you hardest. So who wants what corporate intellectual property, who wants to take down what system, who wants to cause harm to what individual, and what tools and know-how do these threat actors have at their disposal? This webinar can help. Join

The 3 Key Technologies to Transform Customer Experience

by SerenovaDec 05, 2018

Enterprises that seek to transform the customer experience have focused in on three critical technologies: Cloud Omnichannel Analytics But many enterprises remain unclear about exactly what these technologies are and how they will actually be used to create the customer experience of the future. In this expert-led webinar, Sebastian Menutti of Frost & Sullivan will provide research data and in-depth analysis that will help you understand the technologies that will drive the transformation of

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Enterprise Software Options: Legacy vs. Cloud

by InformationWeekDec 05, 2018

InformationWeek's December Trend Report helps IT leaders rethink their enterprise software systems and consider whether cloud-based options like SaaS may better serve their needs.

Enterprise applications and software systems have a reputation for being clunky, expensive, and almost impossible to keep up to date, but that doesn't need to be the case. Rethinking your software strategy to include cloud options like SaaS can reap benefits, but beware the pitfalls.


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Cybersecurity Insider 2018 Threat Intelligence Report

by AnomaliNov 29, 2018

77% of respondents say that threat intelligence is very to extremely important to their organization's overall security posture.

Threat intelligence has become a significant weapon in the fight against cybersecurity threats, and a large majority of organizations have made it a key part of their security strategies.

Among the key findings of the report are that organizations are leveraging threat intelligence data for a number of use cases, and many rate themselves fairly

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Threatscape of the US Election

by AnomaliNov 28, 2018

Cyber Attacks Targeting Political Elections Are In Full Swing

The aftermath of the 2016 US Presidential election left many Americans questioning the integrity of the election infrastructure. Fast-forward to the US 2018 midterm election, and you'd be hard-pressed to avoid seeing security researchers and media outlets discussing threats posed to nation's election infrastructure.

A wide range of threat actors pose risks to the elections from sophisticated, state-sponsored

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