Business Platform Transformation Strategy

Oct 01, 2008

Download Today�s CIO organizations face a complex array of challenges in managing the Business Platform (the group of applications and services that implement the Business Value Chain). The business perceives technology innovation as a business differentiator, demands application portfolio stability, requires change requests to be handled promptly, experiences growth rates that are often unpredictable and exponential, and exerts continuous pressure to reduce product time to market. Complicating this, these challenges are being made to IT with reduced investment from the business. At the same time the very business model of IT is changing � how applications, content, information, and infrastructure are delivered.

These demands and changes must account for the fact that much of business innovation is enabled by the IT Business Platform. A systematic approach for the continuous improvement of the Business Platform is required to avoid missed expectations and disappointment within the business user community. The more efficient, effective, and relevant the Business Platform is, the more the enterprise can focus its time and invest dollars on innovating and differentiating business.


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