Market Research Brief: Revealing the ''Where'' of Business Intelligence using Location Analytics


Oct 15, 2012

Download A 2012 survey of more than 180 business and IT managers and staff at organizations of all sizes across multiple industries reveals some important trends and insights when it comes to location-based data:

� The use of maps to view business data in its geographical context is growing in importance.
� Managers and executives find it important to map data to manage everything from assets and customers to the field workforce and supply chains, as well as for operational awareness,real estate planning and risk management.
� A gap exists between the growing awareness of the importance of location-based data and the ability of organizations to make effective use of the data.
� While many organizations use simple online maps to view the location component of their business data, far too many still rely on ad hoc tools versus applications designed to analyze the geographic relationships in BI data.
� Most respondents associate data mapping with traditional geographic information systems (GIS) rather than with the newest generation of BI-specific GIS tools available to support this mapping.

This research brief further explores these issues and provides insight into why organizations may be struggling - or overlooking the opportunity - to take advantage of all the data in their environment.