Enterprise Packages: Where Are They Headed?

Nov 27, 2009

Download This shift in the development and usage of business applications in large corporations began in the 1990s when enterprise packages arrived on the scene. The traditional way of developing an application for corporations from the ground up (whether it be for financial accounting or inventory management) was created and the concept of picking up and configuring a commercially available, off-the-shelf package was adopted. The threat of the looming Y2K issues in the late 1990s acted as the catalyst in speeding up the adoption rate of packaged products. Today, we are seeing yet another shift, as evident by the packaged product suites that are handling large global corporations core processes, as well as the declining license revenue for leading vendors in the recent months. In the last two decades, enterprises packages have seen it all, whether it be from mainframes to internet, on-premise to offshore, in-house to outsource, or clean room to cloud. Where are they headed now? Is this shift being led by the way that the applications are developed and installed or rather by the way that they are being put to use through different delivery and commercial models?


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