Is Your Big Data Solution Production-Ready?

Mar 02, 2014

Download Is Your Big Data Solution Production-Ready?
Presented by CenturyLink Technology Solutions (formerly Savvis)

Based on Forrester market data and a custom survey of enterprise big data decision-makers, this white paper explores the exploding big data trend. Increasingly, big data analytics is becoming a key priority for organizations - with over 70% of surveyed IT decision-makers saying it is a priority now or will be within a year.

Many companies are already using big data for their proof-of-concepts (POCs), but implementing it for production has not been so readily adopted due to the many challenges that exist in the move. The greatest challenge stems from the fact that production is an inherently complex, heterogeneous data management environment. The tools and qualities needed for a production-ready solution must meet the expectations and rigors of that environment:

� Manageability
� Availability
� Performance
� Scalability
� Adaptability
� Security
� Cost-effectiveness

Read 'Is Your Big Data Solution Production-Ready' now, and discover best practices and actionable steps to implementing a production-ready big data solution.


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