Lean BPM: A Pragmatic Approach to Automating Business Processes

Mar 20, 2009

Download Times are tough. There is no doubt in light of the current economic and corporate downturn, businesses � and their IT departments � are actively seeking tools and methods to reduce cost and increase productivity. These goals become even more important when an organization is not able to bring additional resources (read: people) to address a need. Or worse, when they need to maintain the level and quality of work in light of a reduction in resources, money, and people.

Traditional methods are too costly. Organizations have traditionally used custom application development or traditional business process management (BPM) suites to address these needs. Although traditional BPM addresses heavy volume transactional needs, the cost to purchase, deploy, customize and maintain BPM suites precluded them from extending their reach and value. A traditional BPM solution carries an average price tag that begins at $500K, and requires teams of consultants and IT resources. Like other enterprise software solutions, BPM suites have become large and complex.

Lean BPM provides a new opportunity. A simplified, lean approach to BPM provides a new opportunity to address the process needs of businesses today. Focused on collaborative, process-centric applications that are easy to develop, have a low cost to deploy, and deliver a fast return on investment, Lean BPM presents a new opportunity to reduce costs and streamline processes without the need for consultants and developers�enabling IT to deliver applications that increase productivity for the businesses without the associated high costs.


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