Enabling Claims Excellence: The Power of a Predictive-Modeling and Data-Driven Approach in the Optimization of an Insurer's Claim Workflow Operation

Jul 21, 2010

Download LexisNexis® Claims Solutions and Mitchell International have joined forces to help insurers improve claims outcomes by combining the unique data and predictive analytics of LexisNexis Claims Solutions with Mitchell's market-leading medical bill review and decision-support workflow solutions. One of our initial focuses has been to address the challenges associated with handling severe auto injury and other difficult and expensive "special needs" claims situations. The new white paper Enabling Claims Excellence: The power of a predictive-modeling an data-driven approach in the optimization of an insurer�s claim workflow operation explains more about how this unique and powerful offering can help you provide more proactive, efficient handling of these important claims, and obtain maximum value from specialized claims handling resources while controlling indemnity and loss adjustment expense.


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