A Proactive Turnkey Marketing Solution for Insurance Professionals

Aug 15, 1996

Download SALESPRO Opportunity Builder is a proactive turnkey marketing solution designed for the progressive insurance professional. Unlike any CRM, drip-marketing tool or Sales Force Automation, SALESPRO strategically guides the user through the entire marketing life cycle, placing the producer in front of the buyer, when the buyer is ready to buy �- not when the producer is ready to sell. Campaigns show the buyer persistence, attention to detail, a desire to serve and build trust by doing what you say you are going to do, when you said you would. Creating a unique business advantage, SALESPRO aids to overcome the most frequently ask question: Why should we choose you as our brokerage firm? Based on 35 years of proven sales and management experience in insurance agency, and 14 years of proven client results, SALESPORO is highly intuitive. Built with an exclusive pipeline, SALESPRO allows users to share success means without fear of piracy, and affords cross-marketing to four lines of insurance; property & casualty, employee benefits, bond, personal lines new business without concern of duplicating communications to the same contact. SALESPRO has pre-defined defaults allowing marketing to begin right out of the box, or Users may customize processes such as, time interval between communications, formats used; letter, fax, email or drop by. Other benefits include SALESPRO�s built-in call center portal, dashboards, KPI�s, real-time, accurate sales activity reports. SALESPRO's automated functions prevent human error and assure a steady flow of accurate and timely relationship touches.


Relational SalesPro, LLC