MAIL360 -- Leveraging the Value of Intelligent Mail Technology

Sep 15, 2008

Download Starting in fall 2009, bulk mailers will be required to use Intelligent Mail� barcodes to qualify for the lowest postal rates. Besides lower postal rates, Intelligent Mail� benefits include address correction, virtual return mail, tracking and delivery confirmation. This new technology also allows you to embed data into the barcode that provides you specific information, unique to every single piece of mail sent. MAIL360� is the most comprehensive solution in the industry to leverage the value of the United States Postal Service�s (USPS) Intelligent Mail� technology. MAIL360 increases business efficiency while ensuring maximum postal discounts. Coupled with USPS ACS and Confirm� data, MAIL360 provides users with a 360-degree view of their mailstream, both in outgoing and remittance mail. MAIL360 also incorporates data management capabilities, making individual mail piece delivery data available to business departments across the enterprise, including billing, marketing and customer call centers.


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