New Research Reveals Untapped Market for Mobile Banking Among Offline Consumers

Nov 01, 2009

Download U.S. financial institutions face ongoing pressure to boost profitability, lower channel costs and enable more self-service banking. Many institutions have chosen to focus most of their mobile banking marketing efforts on those who are already using online banking. However, in doing so, they have overlooked a key customer segment: the 55 million American households who do not bank online on a regular basis. Today, financial institutions should consider expanding their approach to mobile banking and begin viewing mobile as a compelling bank channel in its own right.

This research paper analyzes results of the recent Syniverse mobile banking survey of 501 U.S. consumers who are not active regular users of online banking and provides recommendations about how financial institutions can lower the cost to serve this significant audience. Obtain your complimentary copy of this survey, which was commissioned by Syniverse Technologies and conducted by Palmer Research in collaboration with Syniverse, Fiserv and M-Com.�