Economizer Fundamentals: Smart Approaches to Energy-Efficient Free-Cooling for Data Centers

Apr 30, 2010

Download As the data center morphs into a strategic business hub, it becomes increasingly critical to ensure it operates efficiently and cost-effectively without jeopardizing performance. Taking a smart approach to energy-efficient free-cooling for data centers can be an important part of an overall strategy to achieve these goals. However, when considering the use of an economizer system, care must be taken to avoid introducing new problems that result in achieving the goal of reducing energy consumption at the expense of data center availability.

This paper provides guidance for selecting an economizer solution that can deliver energy savings without compromising the reliability of precision cooling equipment or contributing to electronic equipment failure. Questions that will be addressed include:

• What percentage of the year will the economizer provide full or partial free-cooling?
• How can environmental control problems inherent specifically in air economizers be overcome?
• What energy savings can be expected for different types of economizers?

You�ll learn the benefits and risks associated with the different economizer systems and how to select the right type for your data center to ensure energy efficiency without compromising availability.


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