Gaining Business Value and ROI with HP Insight Control


Nov 15, 2011

Download IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to generate competitive advantage by delivering reliable, cost-effective services to line-of-business units and end users alike. Recent economic conditions are driving CIOs and IT managers to optimize and maintain IT infrastructures while controlling costs and meeting service-level objectives for business-critical workloads.

These tasks are becoming even more challenging as infrastructures become increasingly complex due to trends such as multitier architectures, the rapid spread of server virtualization, and the movement toward adopting cloud architectures.

Business units demand innovative new projects to meet ever-changing needs while IT budgets continue to be squeezed. All too often, IT managers are being asked to cut spending or at best live with modest increases while facing spiraling costs for operational items such as power and cooling.

To deal with these challenges, IT management must constantly look for ways to recover and redirect operational spending by increasing staff productivity and efficiency, increasing the availability and utilization of infrastructure resources, and reducing the cost and difficulty of managing complexity in the data center.

One approach to achieving greater operational efficiency is the use of hardware and software management tools to help mitigate risk, lower costs, and accelerate growth. HP Insight Control server management is built upon HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) and is designed to improve IT staff efficiency, improve server uptime, and maximize server and facilities utilization.