SQL Server Consolidation: Insights From Customers, Analysts & HP

Aug 01, 2008

Download Microsoft SQL Server has enjoyed phenomenal success as a database server. Its relatively low cost, steadily increasing capabilities and ease of deployment have all combined to accelerate its growth. However, that same growth has led to a phenomenon commonly called SQL Server �sprawl�� the rampant, often uncontrolled, proliferation of SQL Server databases. Join this webcast with John Webster of Illuminata and Todd Behrbaum of HP as they discuss an approach to successfully combat SQL Server sprawl, consolidate SQL Server environments, and improve application availability and response time. According to Illuminata's recently conducted customer study, HP PolyServe's unique file system solution offers advantages over alternative server virtualization approaches. This webcast will explore relevant user experiences and common themes gleaned from customer interviews. The presenters will also discuss HP's consolidation technology and how it compares to alternative approaches.