Cloud Computing: How to Build a Cloud-Based QA Dev Test Lab

by Skytap

Sep 23, 2013

Download Cloud Computing is a technology that promises quantifiable benefits for application development and QA organizations: faster lab deployment, less manual set-up work, greater resource flexibility and utilization, and easier reproduction of defects.

However, adopting the Cloud model in a development or QA organization isn?t without issues. Often it?s not obvious whether to build out a custom virtualization framework or make a strategic bet to implement a full QA Dev Test Cloud complete with automation and a pool of centralized hardware.

This white paper discusses the software quality challenges commonly faced by application development teams and how the Cloud can lead to a more strategic approach to QA practices. It describes the capabilities that virtualization can offer in a lab environment and three different approaches available: (1) a custom solution; (2) an in-house virtual lab automation package; and (3) an on-demand Cloud automation solution. Finally this paper outlines the steps to evaluate a Cloud solution for your QA organization and provides further resources to help you get started.