Deploy Changes 80% Faster: Oracle Real Application Testing - Business Agility Through Superior Testing

by Oracle

Mar 13, 2009


Companies that cannot adapt to address fluctuating business opportunities and challenges face serious downside risk. The ability to adopt new IT technology successfully can be a major enabler for change, while the inability can be a major anchor that holds a company back, preventing business evolution.

Superficially, it can seem relatively easy to make technology changes, but testing and assessing the impact of those changes is typically a long, complex, costly and error-prone process. Altering IT infrastructure can also be very risky, with changes causing unforeseen consequences not uncovered during testing.

Download this whitepaper to see how Oracle Real Application Testing facilitates new technology adoption associated with infrastructure changes, and offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce Risk�Improve system reliability and quality of service by accurately validating changes before production deployment
  • Lower IT Costs�Cut infrastructure testing costs by up to 70%
  • Enhance IT Efficiencies�Automate manual and complex testing tasks, which previously took months, can now be done with a few clicks