ICT: The Convergence of Consumer, Enterprise, and Carrier Technologies

Aug 19, 2012

Download If you've been in the enterprise IT industry for more than 10 years, you remember that it used to be the most exciting place in technology. The Internet speeds in the office were much faster than our home networks and computers at work were more powerful than our home computers.

Then IT became highly regulated for a variety of reasons and budgets were either non-existent or too low for any real innovation to occur. Dramatic changes took place that allowed end-user consumer technologies to surpass IT departments with new innovations and fast-paced changes.

The tension between different technology worlds is driving the transformation called ICT. We are headed toward a point where we will no longer have "enterprise" or "consumer" technology. We will have only one big ICT ecosystem. Learn how this transformation will require CIOs to change their thinking in several key areas.