Miercom Report: Huawei's CloudEngine 12800 Data Center Switch

Aug 24, 2012

Download The Huawei CloudEngine 12800 series data center switches met the requirements of high performance, large capacity, interoperability, and high availability in recent testing by Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy.

With the ever-increasing demand for cloud networking traffic loads, it is imperative to have excellent throughput, strong latency, and robust energy efficiency. The CloudEngine 12800 data center series switches (CE12800) excelled in all those areas and achieved the Miercom Performance Verified Award.

The CE12800 switches are high performance core switches designed for data center networks and high-end campus networks. Using the Huawei VRP software platform, the CE12800 series provides stable, reliable, secure, and high-performance L2/L3 switching capabilities, and is designed to build scalable, virtualized, and converged networks.

CE12800 switches use an industry-leading Clos-based architecture and a front-to-rear ventilation channel design to provide industrial-grade reliability. The switches also provide comprehensive virtualization capabilities and data center features. Moreover, the CE12800 switches use innovative energy saving technologies to greatly reduce power consumption.