Miercom Report on Huawei's AR Series Routers

Aug 24, 2012

Download Find out why Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy, awarded Huawei's AR Series Routers their coveted Performance Verification Award. Miercom was impressed with the routers' high marks in access and interconnection capabilities.

These routers provide a rich set of functions including routing, switching, voice, security, and wireless capabilities while also supporting plug-and-play configuration and deployments using a USB flash drive.

Their key findings on the Huawei's AR Series Routers include:
* Offers dual 3G uplinks that provide fully redundant WAN connectivity
* Confirmed interoperable with Cisco routers for IPsec and GRE tunneling
* Supports GPON and EPON for flexible network deployments on the AR1200/AR2200/AR3200 series
* Provides wireless internet access using 3G and Wi-Fi.