TRAVELEX: A Proactive Approach to Managing a Growing Payment Processing Environment

Apr 14, 2010

Download Travelex is the world�s largest international foreign exchange specialist and non-bank provider of international money transfer and remittance programs. In February 2010, Travelex and Visa launch the first Visa Money Transfer service. The Travelex Visa Money Transfer service taps into Visa�s global network, which connects more that 1.7 billion cards, and provides a convenient, cost-effective and secure way for consumers to send funds directly to recipients� Visa cards, both domestically and internationally. The exponential growth of Travelex�s payment processing environment resulted in a new set of operational challenges for the Currency Select Business Unit, Travelex Card and Mobile Payment Division responsible for foreign exchange ATMs, POS, and E-Commerce initiatives. With INETCO Insight� �The first thing I do when I come to work is grab my morning coffee and log onto INETCO Insight�. My customized screen view gives me an instant snapshot of all transaction delays occurring with client banks and merchant customers, across our entire transaction processing environment. I can now direct resources towards fixing identified network and application issues instead of spending days trying to manually pull information together.� �Every time a call goes through to our helpdesk, we pay for it in resources and potential service level violations. INETCO Insight enables our IT and applications support teams to conduct inquiries into transaction history, identify anomalies, and proactively resolve issues first hand, resulting in significantly quicker resolution times and a decreased number of customer complaint calls into the operations center.� � Mark Wingrave,


INETCO Systems Ltd.