WAN and VPN Solutions: Choosing the Best Type for Your Organization

Nov 28, 2011

Download In enterprises today, Wide Area Networks (WANs) are no longer operating behind the scenes. WANs are central to the daily operations and core business of organizations large and small. However, enterprises must choose from a variety of ways to implement WANs. This white paper examines the various types of Wide Area Networks (WANs), and why IT departments gravitate towards specific WAN solutions. In addition, the paper provides constructive guidelines for organizations seeking Local Area to Wide Area Network extension. Specific topics include:

� Types of WAN Solutions

� Distinguishing WAN Characteristics

� MPLS IP-VPN Services

� Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

� Private Lines

� Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service (EVPL)

Unquestionably, the two most developed designs for Wide Area Network solutions are MPLS-based IP-VPNs and Ethernet-based Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS). Both of these solutions are network-based Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services. Both IP-VPNs and VPLS services offer the benefits of converging VoIP, video, data and Internet over a single, interconnected, company-wide network?advantages that ATM and Frame Relay technologies could not achieve. Also, IP-VPNs and VPLS help eliminate multiple leased lines and customer equipment, which makes them far less costly than the older technologies.