Performance Brand Advertising: The Audience Is the Message

Oct 26, 2010

Download As brands search for ways to effectively engage a mass consumer audience in digital media, performance brand advertising taps into consumers' motivations and gives brands meaningful ROI for their online ad spending. This white paper from SVnetwork introduces performance brand advertising and describes methods for optimizing consumer engagement online. Engagement advertising gives brands a unique way of interacting with individuals and the user-generated content they publish. Brand advertisements are only valuable when they have a consumer's undivided attention, and the only way to do that is to get them to volunteer it. If you convey to consumers that they will get something they desire in exchange for engaging with a marketing message, the tradeoff will be welcomed. By tapping into individuals' motivations, performance brand advertising provides meaningful value-exchanges at a scale unrivaled by any other ad platform. Alternative advertising methods in digital media such as display advertising cannot deliver the personalization or level of engagement that performance brand advertising delivers.