10 Best Practices for Reducing the Stress of IT Audits

Oct 01, 2008

It’s a no brainer: IT audits cause a lot of stress, and recurring IT audits cause stress over, and over, and over again. It doesn’t matter if the audit is internal or external – preparing for and conducting an audit leads to a lot of frayed nerves.

As an IT administrator, it’s vital for you to spend less time, money and effort in internal and external audit preparation – while reducing the stress associated with both. In the Quest white paper, “10 Best Practices for Reducing the Stress of IT Audits,” discover the ways you can lessen the pressure an external audit brings. You’ll also find several options for handling the stress of an internal audit.

This paper discusses:
• Collaborating with internal auditors
• Identifying and managing sensitive data
• Automating where it makes sense
• Knowing your critical supported business process
• …and much more

Learn 10 best practices that can help reduce or eliminate the fear, stress and pressure of IT audits. Read this white paper today.