Skills Gaps in the World’s IT Workforce: A CompTIA International Research Study

by CompTIA

Sep 01, 2008

Download This ground-breaking research identifies trends and gaps in IT skills, explores issues surrounding recruiting and hiring, investigates the current and potential IT market growth and demand for IT professionals, and discovers which factors most influence, and are expected to influence, the IT industry.

The IT industry has experienced many changes and much growth in the past decade with the fast pace of technological change and the ever-increasing globalization of business. We believe that there has been a lack of industry data on what's happening now, and that a true need exists for this type of information in the marketplace, particularly, on a global level.

The results of this study, conducted in partnership with Center for Strategy Research, a market research firm, are based on 3,578 �IT Managers.� All are responsible for the hiring and/or managing of at least three IT employees, at companies with ten or more employees. The survey sample comprises of a minimum of 250 IT Managers from around the world.

This research has many uses and audiences. Specifically, we hope this information will be valuable in helping employers address IT skills shortages; for employers to utilize as a benchmark for their own open positions, employees' skills, etc.; in guiding employers in recruiting and hiring capable employees now and for the future; in informing policy-makers, educators, and others involved in the industry of potential roles they could play.