Project Planning for Automation: Creating Vendor/Client Software Solutions Designed to Succeed

Aug 01, 2006

Download Anyone who has managed successful IT projects recognizes that their success depends on a well-defined and carefully followed project plan. Despite the call from many companies for management and staff to do their business better, cheaper, and yet faster, this mandate should never result in careless or substandard project planning. Quickly planned projects may save staff time and money initially, but in the end, the project will be poorer, more expensive (due to corrections to the initial plan), and more time consuming because of the adjustments that have to be made later to make things work properly. Every plan should include clearly defined goals, thorough analysis and preparation for change, detailed project planning, proper training, thorough testing of the solution, and both frequent and honest two-way communication. If these fundamental goals are met, there is a good chance that the customer will be satisfied. If not, the vendor may risk losing a valuable client and damaging the prospects for future projects. How can you ensure that your project is successful? This paper lays the stepping stones that will help you pave a smooth path from conception through realization, and ensure that you reach your goals.


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