Tour Operator Uses BlackBerry Smartphone to Help Drive Sales, Improve Efficiency and Build Competitive Advantage

Apr 09, 2012

Download Sending more than 22,000 high school and university students on trips abroad each year requires logistical prowess and constant communication.

Dealing primarily with young adults, Breakaway soon learned that typical office hours were inconvenient and ineffective. Recognizing the opportunity to use a mobile solution, the company deployed 23 BlackBerry smartphones to its sales staff.

The sales staff now uses email, text, BlackBerry Messenger and social networking apps to build and maintain relationships with student tour leaders and the ground representatives who coordinate the trips.

Not only does this integrated solution allow its staff to run on a 24-hour schedule and multitask, it is also protected by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which regularly backs up the data stored on the company's devices and synchs the team's contacts, calendars and messages.