New Research on B2B Payments: Trends, Opportunities for Growth, and Strategies for Proactively Identifying Card Fraud and Misuse

Authored on: Jan 25, 2012

Download Hear commercial payments expert Frank Martien of First Annapolis Consulting share new research on the B2B payments landscape focused on�

� Payments migration and A/P integration trends among checks, wires, ACH, and commercial cards
� What really matters to end-user organizations today
� What leading suppliers are currently saying about card acceptance
� The future of card-based B2B payments and the key characteristics of winning providers
� Key strategies for identifying high-risk corporate card transactions accurately and efficiently

In this webinar, Mr. Martien introduces new research and aggregates key studies to give a clearer picture of the B2B payments landscape. As B2B payments explode and card programs grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to review all transactions, identify non-compliance, and mitigate financial loss. Commercial card executives, program managers, and the IT teams that manage payment systems need new strategies to ensure customer confidence, retention, and card program growth.