What Makes PayPal Disruptive?

Dec 09, 2010

Download The payments space is undergoing ruthless change and innovation... and PayPal continues to lead the race. A few years back, PayPal generated explosive shockwaves in the e-payments business. They are now positioned to do the same in a wide scope of other alternative payment areas such as mobile payments, person-to-person, and business-to-business payments. How does this company continue to master the art of disruption, and turn it into a fundamental tool for driving their business? How can you be prepared for the next breed of emerging payment options? New payment applications and retail business models are emerging almost overnight. For payment processors and acquirers who are prepared, this flood of innovation represents a huge opportunity�a chance to increase revenues, expand customer support and grow a company. For those that cannot successfully support payment channel diversifications, it could mean extinction. Join Jim McIntosh, INETCO�s expert in alternative payments, as he walks through: � What�s NEW in alternative payments � How PayPal continues to stay ahead of the payments adoption curve, and � What payment processors and acquirers should be doing to prepare for the next breed of emerging payment options


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