Integration is the New Innovation - The Evolution of Investment Reporting

Sep 01, 2011

Download The Evolution of Investment Reporting for Insurers

For decades, insurance companies have struggled with legacy software systems and cumbersome manual processes in order to create a comprehensive picture of their investment portfolios. These efforts frequently fall short with regard to accuracy, timeliness and actionable information. In April 2009, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) gave further credence to these insurance company struggles by quantifying the decades-long challenge in a research report titled "Strengthening Governance, Risk, and Compliance in the Insurance Industry."

Join our featured presenters for a roundtable discussion of the investment reporting challenges facing insurance companies today and solutions to address those challenges:

� Dan Armstrong - Senior Editor, Industry & Management Research, Americas, The Economist

� Bret Myers - Assistant Treasurer and Head of Investments, Group Health Cooperative

� Jen Overhulse-King - Principal Owner, St. Nick Media

� Courty Gates - CEO, Clearwater

During this web seminar the following topics will be discussed:

� Comparing your organization's challenges to other insurance companies, as surveyed by The Economist

• Comparing your organization�s challenges to other insurance companies, as surveyed by The Economist

• Investment reporting from Group Health's perspective

• Evaluating the tradeoffs between a single integrated solution and integration of multiple solutions


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