Forget the "Token Necklace": Discover How Identity Federation Can Simplify User Experience and Increase Security

Jul 15, 2012

Download Many of the accounts and applications we use on a daily basis require multi-factor authentication tokens, software or mobile tokens in order to gain access. So users could be faced with the inconvenience of carrying a "token necklace" in order to access multiple online accounts securely. Furthermore, with the constantly changing and complex password models used to secure many online accounts the authorization process for a user is becoming more complicated and inconvenient. How can application owners solve this issue?

Read more of this white paper to find out how federated identity management can solve the password complexity and the "token necklace" problem while keeping up with increasing security requirements. This paper will illustrate the opportunity for an improved authentication model in order to

� extend the value to customers

� recoup costs to the application provider

� generate revenue opportunities for tomorrow and

� differentiate your business