Intel Cloud SSO - Platform Security

by McAfee

Oct 22, 2012

Download Identity as a service is emerging as a new, innovative approach to identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud that brings with it the potential to reduce costs, enhance end-user and IT administrator productivity, and enable greater enterprise agility.

One of the biggest concerns expressed by IT managers about outsourcing their IAM operations to a cloud-based service provider is security. When user credentials (e.g., user ID, password, and other attributes) are stored in the cloud, administrators are naturally concerned about what might happen if these credentials are breached.

This technical white paper highlights the security architecture implemented by Intel Cloud SSO. In this paper, we discuss the details of how Intel and McAfee, in collaboration with, implement security technologies and industry best practices to create a resilient, state-of-the-art architecture designed to protect user identities in the cloud.