SAFE AND SOUND: Ensuring complete protection for your company's email communication - Wisconsin

Apr 14, 2010

Download Organizations of all sizes transmit confidential business information by email. If that data falls into the wrong hands, the reputation of a company�s brand and vital relationships with partners, stakeholders and customers can be severely damaged.

In addition, industry and government regulations exert constant pressure on businesses to protect the confidentiality of information they send via email. To reduce risk, companies must limit the amount of sensitive data that they transmit by email. When confidential information is sent, it should be done according to established company rules. Those rules must clearly define the organization�s protocol for transmitting sensitive data by email and the policy should be backed up by technical solutions to reduce the chance of human error.

Encryption should be applied to any sensitive information transmitted by email and, when possible, company policy for encryption should be enforced automatically by technological means. Even though employees can be trained to operate in-house encryption solutions, there is always a chance of user errors that can leave a company vulnerable.

To avoid this problem, many companies choose a hosted encryption service. With a hosted service, there is no need to purchase, implement or maintain software or hardware. Deployment is quick and easy and there are no updates or upgrades to install. A hosted service provides a global network and a lower total cost of ownership. Learn how MessageLabs Hosted Policy Based Encryption service enables companies to automatically safeguard the security of sensitive data.


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